Saturday, October 09, 2004

More Designer Hello Kitty Mania and Eggy goodness

So apparently this Hello Kitty airstream trailer is one of many awesome collaborations between Sanrio and big name Designers, like Michael Graves, BCBG, Eugenia Kim, Tarina Tarantino, and more! They are all part of a Hello Kitty charity auction, coinciding with Hello Kitty's 30th anniversary.

Some items are slightly more affordable than the airstream trailer. For example, I may consider bidding on the gold-plated bling-bling cruiser bike:

or maybe the Steve Madden carved sandals (size 6!):

But could I really wear one-of-a-kind shoes out at risk of ruining them???

By they way, if you enjoyed the "i love egg" animation i posted previously, there's more where that came from. I guess they're marketing it in the UK in addition to Korea, because they also have images of actual related merchandise.... but they're not clickable!!!

What a tease.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm now wracked with guilt whenever I eat a hard-boiled egg. It's like eating a Teddy Graham, except your tongue gets coated with weird egg paste.

Perhaps Michael Graves should design something for "I Love Egg" - the egg character could have a smaller egg handle on top of it. Because, you know, the egg handle is cool and designy.

3:27 AM  

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