Monday, August 22, 2005

30 going on 13

...otherwise known as (Sweet Sixteen)2 - 2, or my Double QuinceaƱera

Other than the tragic realization that I am probably now lactose-intolerant and will require a personal trainer to fit back into my old jeans and aspirational drawer-full of cute swimwear, I feel quite happy at the ripe old age of 30. Some of the reasons include (in no particular order):

  • I can get away with fun clothes, because thanks to Asian genes, dimples, occasional acne, and stubborn baby fat, I look more like I'm in my 20s or teens.

  • I can shamelessly enjoy really bad music, movies, and tv, because I don't care about being cooler than the other kids.

  • Having a stable job and no dependents, I can afford to indulge in an extravagant designer bag if I think it's cute. Or a shopping spree at Target. Or stock options. Or a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas to see Destiny's Child.

  • I know better than to fall for horrible trends like Ugg boots, Boho-chic, Croc shoes, and the horrific return of pegged jeans.

  • I am finally starting to like little kids. But I don't feel like I need to have any right now.

  • I am rather content sitting around at home by myself in my undies in my own apartment.

  • I rather enjoy the company of my delightfully strange and funny friends, including one who giddily exclaimed to me, "You're 30 and Dirty!" I think she meant it as a compliment...

  • Despite being a fairly small Asian person, I can still chug 3 sake bombs, two cocktails, and a glass of wine and still walk around in heels and sing karaoke. And even in a drunken stupor, I can tell my friends I don't need another drink, because I know when to avoid the vomit level of drunkeness.

  • I have friends who still get excited about s'mores, miniature candy apples (highly recommended from Luna Park), karaoke, video games, and the little plastic animals that come with fancy cocktails.

  • I am not as freaked out about what will happen to me, as I was in my 20s. And I feel better about knowing what I need and want to be happy.

  • I'm getting closer in age to men who seem slightly more dateable, having figured out what they want and need to be happy. Can we say, "30 and Flirty"?

  • I have a super-fun convertible bug and live in nearly perpetually sunny weather.

  • My friends think it's perfectly fine to get me presents suited for a 13-year old, such as:

A miniature suitcase of happy-faced sushi rubber stamps

The Muppet Show DVD Set

A banana phone. Or rather, a banana case for my phone.

Happy Birthday to me, indeed! Now pass me the Lactase pills before I start to get cranky.

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Blogger me@co said...

happy birthday! welcome to the club! when i say "sake" you say ...

11:50 PM  
Anonymous karpar said...

You said it sister!!! I love being 30 too. It's really about coming into a sense of freedom, confidence, and knowing yourself. So refreshing!

9:06 AM  
Blogger piggy said...

hope u had a FABULOUS birthday june! its okay, if you never told anyone your age, people would totally believe that you just turned 21! hurray for asian genes!

11:13 PM  

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