Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Trump wannabe!

I know everyone loves to hate Martha Stewart. But I actually thought she was pretty cool for creating a multimedia empire, being a savvy business woman, and transforming home living and homemaking into something stylish, accessible, and fun, with good design. I even thought it was great that she willingly went to jail to cover her company's ass.

But I am really annoyed with her version of The Apprentice. She basically took Trump's show and made it boring. Just look at this graphic! It looks like a parody!

The fun of watching Trump's version was to see him shove people off their high horses and put them in their places. And also to watch him in his ridiculous success despite all his tacky panache. And how can you beat Trump saying, "You're fired!"?? It's so mean and to the point. It's really the only perfect line for this kind of show. And what's with Martha's frantic letter-writing at the end?? Why doesn't she just say it all when she fires them?

To top it all off, one of her lackeys totes a fat cigar in the boardroom meetings. Even Donald Trump knows smoking is not classy. The guy isn't even SMOKING it, so why is he just holding it in a MEETING? It feels so planted, especially on tv. Maybe they're hoping to get some celebrity out of him. But this guy is no Carolyn.

If someone was toting a cigar in a meeting with me, I'd be completely put off. Unless he was some kind of brilliant mad scientist.

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