Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Like ODB, my RCA tv died this morning, causes unknown. But I would guess it was old age. Or possibly, neglect?

I have had this tv in my family since childhood. But the last few years, it would periodically fuzz out to loud static. Other times, the screen was mostly visible, except that it would drop down bout 3 inches, omitting any the labels or subtitles on the bottom. Sometimes when it got staticy, I could turn it off and on, and the display would correct itself. Other times I could literally bang on it, Fonzie-style, and the show would magically be visible again.

My friends pleaded that I would get a new tv. But I held on, like those sad owners of junkyard cars on Pimp My Ride. I didn't really keep it out of affection; I just didn't want to be a tv-needy person, so I didn't make it a priority. I would rather be shopping, hanging w/ my boyfriend, or many other things, than dealing with my tv.

It was like my tv knew, and it was mad. The less I watched it, the more it fuzzed out, at crucial times during a show, vengefully, rebelliously, Amelie-style, as if to say, "Damn you! You think there is more to life than me? Stop running around! Sit down and pay attention to my glorious CRT color screen! You used to watch me, for endless hours! If you don't give me your undivided attention, I will crap out right when you are watching your favorite shows! I am SERIOUS!!"

So this morning, while waiting for Jamie Oliver's turkey segment on The Today Show, the screen fuzzed out. I tried turning it off and on, but, all I heard was the zap. No screen! I tried again, many times, resuscitation-style. Off-On! ZAP, no screen. Off! Off! On! Zap! Off! On! Zap! Off! On! Zap! Still no screen. I was amazed. It was over.

Thanks for all those glorious years, you buggy RCA tv.

(Now, should I ask Santa for a Philips or a Sony tv? My cousin gets a discount at Philips, and my friend gets one at Sony.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Philips Plasma. With ceiling mounts. Come on. You can do it.

2:01 PM  

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