Monday, July 11, 2005

I'm crushing your head!

Arnie's head getting crushed
I'm crushing your head!
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The Governator visited the Yahoo! campus today. (I don't know the person who took this picture, but I found it amusing.)

I think Terry makes a good CEO, and I think he's pretty down-to-earth for an executive with a Hollywood background. But frankly, I cringed when he introduced the Governator and listed, among Arnie's accomplishments, that he had "a world-class wife." What on earth??

Our cafeteria actually ran out of room for spectators, and the rest of us Yahoos had to watch the streaming video from our monitors. After listening for a bit, I figured my time may be better spent doing some actual work. He just rambled about his wacky career highlights and gave basically a campaign speech about the changes he's making for "Cah-lee-four-nya." And there was a lot of mushy talk between Arnie and Terry. And then Ahhnold ended it with a classic "I'll be Baaach!"

Since I viewed it through streaming video, I wondered if I was missing any hisses or other negative reaction, since there are plenty of liberal-minded, educated voters in the company. Then I found photos of protesters (and Arnie at Yahoo!) on flickr.

They had Tom Brokaw come speak last time, so I suppose it's fair to have different points of view be represented at our company's speaker series. Maybe next time we could get a woman?! Anyway, if you want to hear/see more details about the event, here is Jess's more thorough blog coverage of it, and Zawodny's summary of the speech and Q & A.

In other news:

Last week, some of the neighboring cubicles were being restructured into bullpens. Aside from the already unsettling noise, my cube-mates and I overheard this conversation from the movers in the next aisle over:

Mover 1: Man, there's a dead rat in here.
Mover 2: You found a dead rat?
Mover 1: And there's a mousetrap too.
Mover 2: Ugh, this guy needs to clean up.

--At which, my cube-mates and I turned around and cringed in horror. So we have rats in our office building, and obviously someone knew enough to set up traps, but that someone was not checking them! I might add, we work on the third floor!

In more positive news...

Last Saturday, I went to Rockridge with copyKat and Scott to eat at Soi 4 (super-tasty and reasonably priced Thai food) and see the movie, Rize. It's a fun and inspirational documentary about the new art form/ dance, Krumping, that which happens to be saving a lot of inner-city youth from getting caught up in drugs and gangs. Krumping looks like a breakdance mixed with an exorcism, but with clown makeup. Sounds crazy? It is, and in the movie there are even real Dance Battles! Also I believe it's the film direction debut of fashion photographer, David LaChapelle. Apparently MTV nearly scammed a ripoff reality show about krumping off of LaChapelle's concept, but LaChapelle scared MTV from doing it.

On Sunday, I visited Mama Pork with Tatertot. Baby Pork continues to be totally cute; now he is starting to talk in Cantonese and English! He showed Tater all his baby books and named all the animals and made the animal sounds, like "Woof, woof!" And he freely gives kisses.

Cosmic Onion is in town this week and will be visiting me this Thursday!

Well wouldn't you know it!? The bag I wanted (see previous post) went on sale, so I ordered the green one. Yippee!

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Blogger piggy said...

Oh man, I heard about all the madness over there yesterday. Too bad they didn't allow visitors to come see, I wanna see just how humungous the guy is. Haha.

11:26 AM  
Blogger Valerie said...

Hehe, great photo! I heard that his talk got a bit awkward when he started going on about not outsourcing work to India, and then realized that there were a number of Indians present. Oops!

1:02 PM  

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