Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Do you fit your birth order?

I am a sucker for personality quizzes. And I totally believe in how birth order can affect personality.

This one was spot on!

You Are Likely a Third Born

At your darkest moments, you feel vulnerable.
At work and school, you do best when you're comparing things.
When you love someone, you tend to like to please them.

In friendship, you are loyal to one person.
Your ideal careers are: sales, police officer, newspaper reporter, inventor, poet, and animal trainer.
You will leave your mark on the world with inventions, poetry, and inspiration.

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Anonymous bk said...

They said I was a fourth born. Maybe there were two other kids that my parents have kept in a basement all this time. The worse thing is that my parents' house doesn't HAVE a basement, so these mystery siblings must really be in trouble.

6:21 PM  

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