Thursday, March 30, 2006

The beat-beat-beat of the Tom-Tom

Tom Cruise broke records at Yahoo, creating the longest lines of Yahoos filing into our cafeteria, aka Url's.

Tom also brought productivity levels down for the day and delayed lunch service at our cafeteria, because he was about two hours late. For some reason he was flying his own P-51 Mustang war plane into the area through some less than ideal weather. (Katie was flown in by commercial jet.)

In the meantime, they played 30-second clips of all the songs from all of Tom Cruise's films, over and over again. Loudly. TWO HOURS. My ears were bleeding.

Luckily I was sitting with fellow designers, Joe and Sam (who I hope will appear in Valleywag's impending battle of the Yahoo! hotties) while we waited. I managed to feel somewhat productive, because they were sharing good geeky tips with me about managing RSS feeds.

ANYway, Terry eventually apologized for the delay and showed a montage of Tom's memorable scenes from his various films. Then finally Tom arrived with a very preggers Katie Holmes, who sat in the front row with Dan Rosenzweig (COO).

The questions were pre-filtered and not terribly insightful. They were along the lines of "How did you become the awesome person that you are?" Tom talked a bit about how he does a lot of his own stuntwork and still gets excited about each new project.

Hells, if I were as hot as Tom Cruise and got to keep doing awesome action films, I'd be excited too.

Yes, yes, Tom does have his talents, but I think it was clear to everyone; Tom is a good-looking man, especially after seeing him in person. I think that may have helped in his career a touch.

As much as everyone worries about Katie (a coworker was spotted with a "Free Katie" button) and the future spawn of Scientologists, I say, kudos to her. She got quite the hottie and hopefully got some nice genes for her offspring. Not that many boys can continue to look that good.

It was fun anyway, to see Yahoos get so starstruck and to see preview scenes of Mission Impossible III.

Terry reminisced with Tom about their successes together, and then Terry shared a funny anecdote about boating with Stanley Kubrick, when Tom Cruise made like a real life hero and saved people from a sinking boat. Justin tells that story better in his play-by-play of the event.

Flickr, of course is now exploding with Tom Cruise photos. And this amusing video clip has been circulating, of a woman who turned into a 15-year old girl upon the sight of Tom, as he exited our cafeteria. Let me just say, this woman was not a Yahoo! employee. We Yahoos may have been starstruck, but we managed to maintain some level of professionalism in the workplace. And isn't it suspicious that she was so easy to spot in the crowd, wearing hot pink in a sea of blacks and grays? As if, perhaps, she was planted!?

However, to my surprise, US Weekly magazine was briefly interested in my pictures. I had brief dreams of getting some extra cash to indulge in a DVF dress or a new flatscreen computer monitor to use at home. But I guess they found out there were better photos, because they didn't get back to me in the end. My favorites are this one and this one.

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