Tuesday, February 28, 2006

In which the abnormal is normal again

I'm not mentally a San Francisco citizen yet. Sometimes I need reminders of where I am now, such as:
• Seeing gay couples holding hands next to a guy walking one small dog with one hand and cradling another dog in the other

• Driving home from work, seeing a woman brush her teeth in the driver's seat of her car (at least she was doing it when she was at a stop)

• Not having MTV on free cable to watch on weekends anymore and being okay with it

• Walking around the Mission district on a Friday night with Nicole and having to avoid vomit on the sidewalks at least four times

• Having my favorite ginger-tofu egg bowl at Samovar

• Pulling up to my driveway, getting out to unlock the garage door just in time to hear a passerby vent to his friend with exasperation, "He loves anal sex!" (Normally there are charming people pushing strollers, riding bicycles, or walking dogs by my driveway.)

• Instead of the dreaded Chico's uglified clothing chain as my one boutique option down the street, there are great modern clothing design shops like Sunhee Moon (where this Maltese puppy hangs out) and Otsu, a vegan boutique.

• When the sight of a hipster guy in chic glasses, scruffy hair, a fresh sweater, collared shirt, with a messenger bag and nice shoes becomes as cliché as the homeless people sleeping in front of shops

• Seeing a woman walking down the street in fashionable glasses, heels, and a vintage skirt, carrying two bags of potting soil

• Calling my friend (and ex-manager) Joy on the mobile while exiting my building, as she says in a charmingly stalkerish way, "Hey, I can see you leaving your apartment! I'm in the blue car across the street!" (--where she lives)

• Having brunch at the Pork Store with the CMU boys (Joe, Sam, and Jim) and running into Aynne there. (Can't seem to get away from Yahoos)

• Loading up on beverages at the local Safeway, realizing as I walked home that I can't carry that kind of weight all by myself, even if it is just two blocks, then running into ex-Yahoo Jonathan Grubb who turns out to live in the building next door

• Going to Frank's housewarming party from which I could see a tempting Fluevog shoe sale across the street, and then later in the evening, the scent of pot lightly wafting in from the balcony

• Leaving an old-school hip-hop party, because it deteriorated into people wrestling on the floor which exposed someone's butt three or four too many times

(faux 100-dollar bills, records, and faux graffiti decorated the walls, lit in black light. Kathleen and I at least enjoyed the hostess cupcakes, hohos, and sporadic amateur breakdancing)
In other shopping news, I ended up returning all the Luella bags I ordered from Target. I think they were a little too punk for me. (I kept the clothes and bangles though.) Instead, I opted for Levi's at $20 each at Target (my favorite store). Plus I got this much cuter red bag by Queen Bee, a designer featured at the Otsu shop! (Yes, I am a bag whore. Well, only for cute bags.)

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Anonymous kathleen said...

OMG, I was laughing out loud when I read this. You are so right on with these observations. I love the comment about the "fresh sweater" guys who ARE in fact as common as your average homeless streetwalker!

11:08 AM  
Blogger aynne said...

Welcome to the city girlfriend..

Now you just need to find a steamy pile of poo on your doorway and you KNOW you have arrived!

3:16 PM  

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