Sunday, February 05, 2006

I'm gonna make it after allllllllll!

How will you make it on your own?
This world is awfully big, and girl, this time you're all alone.
But it's time you started living.
It's time you let someone else do some giving.

Love is all around, no need to waste it.
You can have the town, why don't you take it?
You might just make it after all.
You might just make it after all.

-theme to The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Not that I am old enough to remember the show, but I did see Oprah giddily interview Mary Tyler Moore. Oprah was so inspired by Mary Tyler Moore Show, that she did a spoof of the intro sequence, with Oprah instead of Mary spinning in the streets.

Sometimes that's how I feel now, walking out of my new San Francisco apartment. I mean, I don't actually spin around, but I sometimes get a silly grin on my face. I can't believe I'm finally living in "the City," like my coworkers have often assumed anyway for the last several years. Now I can tell them they are right.

I moved a week ago, just before Chinese New Year. I have also thus been living sans internet connection at home, which has been a little bit weird. But all will be restored to normal tomorrow, when the cable people come to bring it back.

I live in a super-central location, one of the few sunnier spots of San Francisco. I am near my favorite karaoke bar, the Mint, my favorite tea lounge, Samovar, and very close to a massive Safeway. And I have much more space than my old place, which is absolutely fantastic! I am a walk away from the Castro, Mission District, Bart stations, several bus stations, and very close access to both freeways to work. And every week I seem to find out about another coworker/friend who lives very close to me.

Plus I can opt to take the free wi-fi bus to work! Well, they haven't gotten the wi-fi to work yet, but I am just as content to sleep or eat breakfast while someone else does the driving.

Unfortunately I have so much crap, that I have been too busy unpacking and arranging furniture to explore the city yet. But I know there is a lot going on close by!

Today I took a break from unpacking and walked to Tartine, my boss's most highly recommended bakery/café. There was a line out the door, so I nearly walked away, until my college friend Michelle popped out to say hi! So I joined her and her husband Peter (also a Bruin friend). What a lovely surprise! They don't even live in SF (Foster City actually), and it was their first visit to Tartine. They shared some of their yummy almond croissant pastries while we caught up.

They wanted to look at a furniture store that had its last-day closing sale, so I joined them. As we looked around, I saw a really fun square-themed mod-multicolor shelf that remarkably resembled my giant Mondrian-styled dollhouse. The brightly colored acrylic panes even slid across each shelf, just like my dollhouse!

I almost considered getting it, but the colors would clash too much with my livingroomspace, and it was almost $800. But then I saw a large, long flat bench in a birch color. I was just thinking that I wanted a long, low table like that as a new dining area, with pillows for seats, and this seemed to fit the bill! It was marked down quite a lot, and my incredibly generous friends, Peter and Michelle said they'd help me carry it home!

So I bought it, and now there is this table with plenty of room for card games, board games, and dining. It could even double as a long seating bench. I better clean up the rest of my place soon so I can start entertaining friends for games, food, and karaoke!

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so exciting! i can't wait to visit!!! :)

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