Thursday, December 15, 2005

Catching up on the holiday rush

Before I begin, I'd just like to say that Randal is a selfish dick for not encouraging Trump to hire Rebecca too. Now we will return to our regularly cheerful broadcast.

I have been meaning to blog for the last few weeks, but I have been far too busy! Here are some highlights (and lowlights):

  • Flying Virgin Atlantic to visit Tracey in London for a week-long Thanksgiving trip (and chilly shopping bonanza)

  • Nearly getting stranded twice by the London bus system

  • Getting both swindled and hit on at the same time by an Ebay seller (for a cell phone that was to replace my stolen one.)

  • Scoring gorgeous ocelot-print Coach shoes with swarovski crystals on sale at Bloomies

  • Getting a last-minute visit from Texan cousins, James and Sue (who is preggers w/ a girl!)

  • Staying up late, dancing in a lacy Trina Turk dress at the Yahoo! Year-End Party, to the grooves of Earth, Wind and Fire and totally rad cover band, Notorious

  • Scoring an awesome Coach bag on Ebay, to match my ocelot Coach shoes

  • Dodging and killing more mosquitoes

  • Learning to cook Korean food and singing to the super-fun, new Karaoke Revolution Party game

  • Scarfing down the yummy ginger tofu egg bowl with tea at Samovar

  • Visiting Joy and her hubby Peter in their lovely home and buying her fabulous handmade jewelry

  • Peering at Chuck Close self-portraits at SFMoMA

  • Giggling at the original film, "Heaven Can Wait" (starring a very young Don Ameche and Gene Tierney) at the Stanford Theater

  • Throwing a Gingerbread House/Cupcake-decorating party at work

  • Browsing apartments in San Francisco

  • Observing yet another a Yahoo party (that I was not invited to) in which people were ice-skating in a faux-ice rink right on our basketball court, while more people roasted marshmallows by fire pits nearby, and others played beach volleyball next to them. And there were polar bear sculptures and a band.

Also recently on my mind:

Pop Ink platesI love these cute plates by Pop Ink. I also love Origo plateware. If only these designers could do their work on Corelle! Maybe someday when I get married, they'll be available and I an put them on a wedding registry. Hmm. Must find a boyfriend...

On that note, why do some guys in their mid-thirties sometimes look way old? They're not much older than me, but they look too old. Men, get off your machismo bullsh** and use some freaking moisturizer!!! Use sunscreen! If you're gonna worry about hair loss, watch the wrinkles too! Watch an episode of Queer Eye for the love of GOD!!! And don't do drugs. Especially Meth, which makes you look ragged (according to Law & Order or CSI or one of those disturbing yet educational investigative cop shows.)

I'm enjoying the new season of Project Runway. But I'm waiting for them to get rid of Andrae. He is really annoyingly whiny and weak. If you're gonna be femmy, at least be fun-femmy like Austin or Jay from last season, instead of an embarrassing crybaby trainwreck! Andrae can't even deal with honest feedback. I loved the winning dress by Nick on the Barbie challenge --very flirty and cute.

Speaking of fabulous doll fashion, I just found this wonderful Blythe collector/stylist on flickr.

Okay somehow this blog entry has deteriorated into the voice of a ranting gay man. Which may be why I want to get this book.

Who else is excited about Showtime possibly picking up Arrested Development?

Well I better get some rest now so I can have the energy to get my ass to L.A. this weekend. And hopefully sometime I'll get to blog more about my trip to England.

In the meantime, get in the spirit of giving, and donate a goat (or lamb, or duck) to save hunger.

I shall leave you with the hypnotizing effect of "cute overload", Bush speak-singing about peace, and the Best Christmas Light Display Ever.

Happy Holidays!

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