Thursday, December 01, 2005

Woman vs. the Mosquito

I am up at 4am, because I was being tormented by a mosquito all night.

I'm not sure when I started to notice it, being half in and out of sleep. When I turned on the light to look for the mosquito, I'd spot it for a second, and then it would fly away, not to mention that my reflexes are slow when I wake up, and I am nearly blind w/o glasses, and I was too tired to go looking for it.

Then I woke up later, to notice that I have a couple bites on my arms! I huddled under the blankets, only to make myself get too hot, nearly suffocating myself.

So then I turned on the light, w/ glasses on, half asleep, waiting for the mosquito to come back so I can kill the damn thing.

I fell back asleep in contorted positions, then woke up later with neck pain. Then I gave up and went back to sleep normally.

Later I was startled awake by the sound of buzzing over my head. Fed up, I got out of bed, determined to kill it. I sat in the livingroom waiting for the mosquito that was trying to EAT ME ALIVE.

Finally it came buzzing by, and I whacked it with my hand... onto my pajamas.

I went to the restroom to wash my hands, and I look in the mirror to realize that the mosquito has bit me on the EYELID. I look like somebody just punched me. I can't even put ointment on it, because it's on my EYE.

So not only do I have bloody bug schmutz on my pajamas, but I have a swollen eye, and a night of deprived sleep. Who knew a little bug could wreak such havoc. I hope I haven't contracted any diseases from this fu*ker, and I hope the swelling subsides by the time I dress up for this Saturday's company holiday party. :|

I'm just glad I'm still on vacation, instead of having to go to work sleep-deprived, with a swollen eye.

I need a new apartment.

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