Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rewards of getting old

As I reached 30, I allowed myself some indulgent rewards. I bought a tiny cherry blossom Louis Vuitton bag, a convertible VW bug, and various vacations to Vegas, Europe, Asia, and Hawaii. What may be trivial dents in the purses of obscenely spoiled girls featured on Super Sweet Sixteen are plenty good fun for me. I'll probably continue travelling, collecting shoes, and upgrading purses throughout the rest of my 30s. It helps me ignore my growing wrinkles, increased aches, and increasingly hard-to-lose gut.

There are other extravagant purchases that I'm going to reserve for later. By my 40s, I imagine I'll have flown in first class and owned a house. Also I'd like to see a really fun concert in another country. I'd like to get a mint-green Vespa, a Moschino suit, a Max Mara coat, and a Noguchi coffee table (or other equally fabulous piece of furniture). And I'd like to hit England, Australia, Spain, Italy, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan (again), and Southern France --after brushing up on some language skills. I should probably fit a chunk of that travel in before I get settled down though.

By my 50s, I hope I'll have started to collect some nice art and have a little art studio of my own. And then in my 60s, well... let's see if I even make it that far, and I bet my mindset will be very different by then.

Somewhere in there I'll fit in a couple little dogs and probably a family, which I'm sure will throw everything off.

Hmm, where is that winning lottery ticket?

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Anonymous karpar said...

I love this entry! First because it makes me excited to see what is to come in my life. Second because it inspires me to figure out more things I want to do. And third because I READ it! Access to Blogger has been spotty in China. I have grown accustomed to getting the scoop this way. It's plain cruel to see new entries but not be able to read them.

7:31 PM  

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