Sunday, February 19, 2006

Stop the Cuteness!

I went a little bonkers yesterday and went on a shopping spree.

But there was just too much cuteness out there. I was having too much fun. It was like that Junior Senior song going on in my head, "Don't stop! Don't stop the beat! Can't Stop!"

The retail madness started online, because I was reminded by my Marie Claire magazine that Luella Bartley has a line of colorful Brit-mod-punk fashion at Target. (My fashion-obsessed friend, KT had already told me this a few weeks ago, but I forgot to actually go buy the stuff.) Luckily at Target's prices, I am allowed to go a little crazy.

However, I then hopped in my bug and headed into the danger zone: Union Square, the shopping mecca of San Francisco. Thanks to my recent travel, holiday, purse replacement, and moving expenses, I had some Nordstrom card Rewards which were to expire at the end of the month.

I didn't have any particular item in mind, but the Nordstrom sales staff is so on it! It was rainy, so I was carrying my lightweight, weather-resistant leSportsac, and wearing my "Purr-fect" cat-eared hoodie, and a saleslady zoned in all the cues.

As I approached the handbag area, she said, "Do you like leSportsac?" And I said, "Sometimes." (Really, only if they have a great print and good colors. It's otherwise a rather dull, utilitarian bag.) And she said, "Well have you seen our new Tokidoki line?" (...again, KT had informed me about this like a month ago.)

Each bag even comes with a collectible keychain charm by one of my favorite designers, Meomi! It was too perfect. They had so many different sizes and shapes, I almost couldn't decide. I finally settled on a large flat messenger tote.

As I purchased this bag, a teenager with stopped to admire the tokidoki display, while her mom said, "I don't know about leSportsac. They seem a little pricey." Then another, older woman was exchanging a Marc Jacobs bag nearby, while her salesman was pointing out how the tokidoki line was doing so well. She looked at them, puzzled, and said "Hmm. I don't think I'd want one of those."

I wondered if she must even realize how Marc Jacobs collaborated w/ Murakami on the much-coveted rainbow LV bags, not that she would even care. At which point, I felt lucky be old/successful enough to afford nice things, culturally aware enough to appreciate different influences, and young enough to still enjoy something so colorful and whimsical.

I continued shopping some more in Union Square, then stopped at Citizen Cupcake (which gets surprisingly popular around 4pm on Saturday) at the top of the Virgin Megastore for a late lunch, and finally I got some much-needed bathroom storage at the Container Store.

Now that I've sufficiently spoiled and indulged myself, I must now head full-force into straightening up my apartment (and checking on my finances)!

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Blogger copykat said...

yay! shopping. just reading about all your fun purchases is like vicariously going on a shopping spree.

sure beats a shopping trip in palo alto any day of the week. :)

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im so in love with TokiDoki !

11:19 AM  

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