Wednesday, February 22, 2006

24 is the magic number

I have finally unpacked my last cardboard box from my move! And my livingroom/dining area is almost all set up except for putting up my paintings. I am so refreshed by the new open space. I am actually excited to come home to my new pad. I just need some large square pillows to provide seating for the new dining table. If you see 24 x 24 inch attractive pillows anywhere, let me know!

Even at work, I got switched to a refreshingly larger workspace. I mean, my cube is still a crowded bullpen shared by 3 people, but they finally swapped out my clunky old CRT monitor with this lovely 24-inch cinema flatscreen display. The luxuriously vast, magnificent pixels almost fill my peripheral vision! Let me tell you, it is freaking awesome.

The Visual Designers got priority for these fancy new screens, so the Interaction Designers and Researchers looked on with envy as we visual folks shared a Christmas in February. I can now view my artwork really huge, with all my palettes together on one screen without constantly moving the palettes around the art. When I have a browser open to Yahoo, I almost see the full length of the page. And if I want, I can rotate the monitor 90 degrees for a super big vertical view. Best of all, it doesn't wobble, even with its very minimal adjustable-height stand. My old CRT wobbled when anybody walked by or nudged the cubicle. It drove me NUTS. Maybe one of these days I'll get one of these cinema displays for home use!

Speaking of home indulgences, I was checking one of my favorite blogs, design*sponge upon which I discovered a sale including Jonathan Adler items. I love these little striped vases, but I don't think I have a place for them. If you want a real conversation piece, try getting this boob vase, which is also on sale. I also like his fish and fruit-themed items. They all have a bit of whimsy nostalgia mixed with modern simplicity.

Also I finally put these Philips Aurelle lights to use. I got them last Christmas from my cousins, and at the time I doubted I would use them. But now I have this fabulously long low table that is perfect for them! They are rechargable LEDs but simulate the flicker of candles.

This Saturday I am invited to a friend's housewarming in the Haight. I think I am getting close to throwing a housewarming party of my own, maybe the weekend after next (or the weekend after that)! Keep your calendars open!

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Blogger copykat said...

west elm has super cutey stuff that's not too spendy. i got all my throw pillows from them. :)

also crate and barrel has a trendy, younger line called cb2; you might try them.


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