Tuesday, March 07, 2006


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Just when I thought I would not buy any more toys... I bought this. Of all places, this was at the Virgin Megastore. (--strategically placed on the way to getting my cupcakes. They know what they are doing, these retailers.)

But how could I not. It matched my tokidoki leSportsac! And it is a tiny dog in a CACTUS SUIT! An ANGRY dog in a cactus suit. And it is leetle.

And it is called Bastardino. That is reason in itself.

As a side note, it turns out Tokidoki is designed by an Italian named Simone Legno. (And "Tokidoki" means "sometimes" in Japanese.) Go figure!

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Blogger copykat said...

yarg! i just realized i should have taken you to the coffeeshop in culver city with huge wall poster/paintings by tokidoki. apparently the owner is friends with the artist.

ah well, next time...


2:08 PM  

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