Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Less meetings, more pillows please

I love Jonathan Grubb's blog entry about the 8 types of meeting attendees.

Sadly, I know I fit one of these types. But it is often because I hate meetings, as my manager knows. He even made it a running joke. When people want to cancel meetings, he says, "Are you pulling a June, now?" When it goes over 3 meetings a week, I get antsy. Like, stop the madness, just leave me alone so I can be a productive employee already!

And get this: some of my peers at work now want me to start leading bi-monthly meetings. HA! Ha. Hahahaha. Good one.

I have more pressing things to deal with, like working on Yahoo! Messenger and finding good pillows! Thanks to those who gave me thoughtful advice on floor pillows for my bench/table. I couldn't decide between these Flax and Espresso pillows from West Elm. So I bought 3 of each to test out. Now I am on to the wall art! (And possibly a credenza or closed-off entertainment center.)

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