Thursday, March 22, 2007

Somebody kick me.

I just spent like an hour figuring out tech support, to fix my Dell monitor, only to find that all I had to do was to jiggle the cables.

On the upside, my monitor is working, and I could have sworn I saw Scott Speedman walk by when I stopped for lunch at Citizen Cupcake today. If it wasn't Scott Speedman, it was a really good lookalike. He was in a totally ratty t-shirt, had earbuds on, and really greasy-looking hair. But that seems like him. Hmm. I like him better when they clean him up for tv. I considered following him, but I then I snapped back to reality and had to keep going, as I had to go run errands and do that work thang.

Also, I found a really odd image of a crocheted chicken from yesterday's Google Image search for "chicken nugget." It was from a crocheting blog that just cracks me up. It is genius. Check out Monster Crochet and make sure you see the creation inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds." And if you like that, then you'll like Twinkie Chan's awesome food scarves.

Also you have to check out the delightful little "socially rhythmic" (dancing) robot that Joe IM'd to me. I really dig the song by Spoon, too.

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