Sunday, February 11, 2007


With all this thought about wanting to believe in good fortunes, I checked my February horoscope. Sometimes I like to read horoscopes for fun, and I hadn't done this in ages.

But damn! If you read this month's Astrology Zone, it's scary-accurate for me! Check yours and see if it makes any sense to you too.

Especially striking to me was this part:
If a black cloud suddenly moves over your head (say, on February 10) take a deep breath, for it should pass fairly quickly. Being tired will only make you view the world through a far-too-dark filter, so give your body tender loving care with enough sleep and the right nutrition. While you do have a mixed outlook this month, be glad you'll always have positive planetary energy to count on, too. One way or another, have faith you'll land sunny side up!

When you realize that someone has misled you in the days near the full moon February 2 and when Saturn joins the Sun on February 10, you may be devastated.
Quite possibly, this astrologist, Susan Miller, is really good at noticing that people run into conflicts or re-evaluate their relationships just before Valentine's Day and took advantage of that, to freak out people like me.

It's just odd that she picked up on the exact date I was feeling especially glum. If she's right though, apparently I'll be taking a risk by travelling to NYC at the start of March instead of waiting for mid-March. She also advised that I shouldn't be making any announcements about plans until then either... except I sort of did make a small one to a select group of people. Does that count?

Dammit! I am born on the cusp, so maybe if I'm not a true Leo...

Meh, must get back to work...

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