Sunday, February 04, 2007


Wow. I feel like a jackass.

I guess there were people commenting on my blog, and I just didn't know it until just now, when I finally gave in to switching to the "New Blogger."

I strangely never got my comment notifications sent to my email, and then when I finally switched the "new blogger", I discovered all these comments waiting to be moderated. I don't even remember setting them to be moderated! WTF, blogger?? Or is it Google I should be annoyed with? Do I need to go find a new blog service now?

So anyway. Um, I guess I have to answer to that old "leave me your name" blog entry, but like I said, I'm busy with a certain project... so please wait until March 6 for that...

Sorry. In the meantime, let console you with the psychotically cute baby animals recently featured on Yahoo! News "Most Popular" section (--Don't click on that link unless you want to hurt your eyes by seeing a near-naked, soft-pornographic, pic of pasty Harry Potter's er, Daniel Radcliffe's pasty-white body. I am WARNING you.):

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