Monday, October 09, 2006

What about Brian?

Is anyone else sick of the ads for this crappy-ass new tv drama, "What About Brian?"

What about him? He sounds annoying.
Brian sucks. BOOOOOOOOOO!

However, I stumbled upon the new "Bachelor in Rome" this evening. Generally I've avoided the Bachelor series (I didn't even know it was still on). I used to not be able to watch the show, because it was hard to watch these women humilate themselves.

So I don't know if it's that I've gotten more cantankerous in my 30s, or whether they've just cast really dopey young women who seem to be asking for embarrassment. I like to think it's the latter, but it's hard to tell. I guess the prince is cute, but that's really not even the high point of the show. The show has an excellent schadenfreude factor. I also find it interesting that they cast a good portion of Texans.

(Not that I am saying anything bad about Texans. I have very charming Texan cousins and I love that they use "y'all." In fact, my ex used to make fun of me for slipping into a faux-southern accent just for fun. Maybe it was more of just a So-Cal drawl. Anyway, what I've seen of Austin seems very nice.)

In this single episode of "Bachelor in Rome," the following happened:
  • A Paris Hiltonesque socialite (but not as hot) gets all in a huff with the show's host, because she is in disbelief that there are no housecleaning maids. He basically tells her that she'll have to deal and hope that it's all worth it for the prince. She says, "You mean I'm going to hire one of the other girls to clean?"

  • There is an Italian bachelorette who can barely speak English. This so-called Italian prince can't speak Italian at all. She kisses him anyway, so he gives her a rose.

  • One bachelorette very confidently shares her very scheduled future with, "I'll get married in one year and have kids in two." BTW, I think this is only the second episode of the show.

  • One bachelorette gets so drunk on the beach, she passes out while standing in mid-interview and lands on the lighting equipment. Later she wakes up, unable to speak without slipping into gibberish and mistakes the Prince for the waiter.

(If you missed this episode, it re-airs on Oct. 16! Thanks, Yahoo! TV!)

All this, amongst constant jealousy among the ladies. I can't relate to this sort of frantic jealousy and competition over one guy at all, and I guess that's the other reason I find it so fascinating.

This may be my new guilty pleasure, now that I am missing out on MTV.

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Anonymous BK said...

"What about him? He sounds annoying.
Brian sucks. BOOOOOOOOOO!"

I'm going to try to not take that personally.

2:29 PM  
Blogger misocrazy said...

I'm sorry you share the same name, Brian. But of course I am only referencing the tv show character.

3:11 PM  
Blogger warren said...

I'm not referencing the TV show character. I hate Brian! BOOOOOOOOOOO!

9:25 AM  
Blogger Whatchamacalit said...

I watched that show last season cuz there was nothing better on and I just watched it again tonight. I was laughing at all the characters and going BOOOOOOOOO!

12:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:44 PM  

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