Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More hologram, less bumper sticker

I realize that Carmine Giovinazzo is not the best-looking person.
In fact, he can at times, look like a gawky hobo:

But then when he cleans up, and you catch him at the right angle:

... it makes me want to wrap him up and, ahem, take him home, unlike someone like the current "Bachelor", Andy Baldwin:

--who, I can see, has incredibly nice physical features. Yet somehow it just seems oddly contrived, robotic, and boring.

Somehow Carmine has a sort of subtler, ephemeral hottieness, that unexpectedly comes out of this normally, kind of unattractive guy, in ordinary moments. Or when he expresses himself in a certain way. That's his "je ne sais quoi" that keeps me a lot more interested.

It's like a hologram sticker, or those old moving-image stickers where if you tilt it just at the right angle, you capture a really fun moment. And you're delighted when it happens, because maybe it surprises you. And maybe it changes or shows up differently in different lights, but you can't quite predict it, and it's not always there. So it makes me want to hang out and play with it to see if that moment will come back. I think some female versions of this might be Uma Thurman or Sarah Jessica Parker.

(Of course, Carmine's scruffy short haircut, muscles, glasses, gravelly voice, and Hollywood stylists/ tv crew help too.)

So if you're down on yourself because you're having more of those hobo moments, perhaps you just need to believe in your inner hottie. (And perhaps a trainer or stylist to help it come out. If you've ever seen MTV's "Made," you know what I mean.)

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Blogger mamapork said...

Maan, that Bachelor looks like a Ken from Mattel - that picture of him look so ... 'artificial'... like his face is plastic.

7:24 PM  

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