Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I just wanna DANCE!!!

I have a ridiculous deadline to meet by Thursday afternoon, to draw and present a LINE of eco-themed toys and my class is freaking out.

In the meantime, we've de-stressed ourselves by having spontaneous dance-fests in our tiny computer room, all junior-high school wannabe style.

...Meaning, we pull up an awesome dance video on the computer and try to copy all the moves... very poorly.

So far we've tried "A Million Ways" and "Here It Goes Again" (sans treadmills) by Ok Go, as well as "Miss you Much" by Janet Jackson. So far the gay guys are doing the best at it.

But right now our favorite is Beyoncé's new single, "Single Ladies." Yes, this is the one that was hilariously (and disturbingly) spoofed last weekend by JT & Paul Rudd on SNL.

But you should know that the original dance routine is truly fantastic. It is like that crazy Ann Margaret from Elvis's Viva Las Vegas meets Tina Turner's legendary dance crew:

We cannot get enough of it! And I love how the video is shot simply in black & white and basic leotards. Beyoncé's like, "Gurrrrl, I don't need no scenery. Just gimme some music and I will blow your mind."

Basically the gay guys, Lilo, and I try to do the dances, (while avoiding colliding into desk chairs and hapless passerby toy design students) and the straight guys are just amused as they look up from their sketching. The junior class and probably a few silent seniors are probably completely annoyed with us. But that's what headphones are for!! (The juniors will understand when they start breathing all that Bondo and get Professor Lo's assignment.)

ANYway, Beyoncé is my hero. (Except for that bizarro hand armor. I mean, I like robots, but that is just ridiculosity.)

So we will all be practicing that dance routine over winter break... to lose some weight and also so we can perform it for graduation. Or next Halloween, with everyone in leotards and shaved legs. Lilo and I will battle each other for the role of Beyoncé in an ultimate dance-off.

Who cares about designing toys anyway?

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Anonymous karpar said...

Awesome! That's like the time my friend Tony and I were trying to copy the dance moves from Britney and N'Sync when interning at Microsoft....and then noticed the security cameras pointed directly at us. :|

10:02 AM  

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