Sunday, September 09, 2007

OMG, I'm a New Yorker! (Pts. 1 & 2)

Love As I walk around and sit in the subways of New York, I often think, "Wait, I live here now? For real? Huh." It's been a hectic first three weeks, but also it's been chock full of fun classes, surprises, and general overstimulation.

The moving process is still bothering me, but otherwise I am generally walking around alternating between giddinesss and tiredness. I'm concerned about having enough time to blog while all this is happening, but I'll see what I can do... (Skip Part I if you just want to hear about the good parts)

Part I: Moving continues to suck.

My new apartment lease didn't start until September, so when I arrived in mid-August, I had to share my roommate's old one-bedroom apartment (in Upper East) for two weeks. This meant living out of suitcases and sharing her bed. Luckily she is a tiny person, we get along great, and she has a big, comfy bed.

But then, the long-distance movers called me, to tell me they had my van of stuff, ready to deliver... except they were about a week early! I had to call them to tell them that I'm not at the new place yet, and they can't deliver, because the old tenants were STILL THERE.

So I rescheduled them to deliver on the following Saturday at noon, except they NEVER arrived. I called them repeatedly, and they kept saying they'd call me back... which just were just lies. Finally at 3pm, they called and said they'd show up after 5pm... which my building doesn't allow. I requested to reschedule again preferably for Labor Day.

Doing HomeworkThen, I moved into the apartment before my stuff arrived. Luckily I ordered a new bed, so I had something nice to sleep on. But classes had already started, and I had no furniture. So I ended up sitting on cardboard, drawing my homework on the floor.

The movers didn't call back to confirm the new delivery time, until Monday morning, when they were 30 minutes away from showing up! I jumped out of bed, threw on some shorts, and frantically ran out of the house to find an ATM so I can pay them the final moving fee. Meanwhile, I had to explain this to the building Super, who hardly spoke any English. But he managed to tell me that moving in requires a $25 fee for them to pad the elevator, and a $300 cash deposit in case of moving damages!! Effing New York condos!

Finally the movers started carrying in all my stuff, which started to make me feel better... until they brought in a whole extra couch. As they started to unwrap it, I said, "Um. That's not mine." To which the Russian dude responded, "You're kidding." "No. That is not my couch. All my items have orange-numbered stickers on them. This couch has a yellow one." It was an ugly couch. And I had no room for extra furniture. This is New York, people. So they took the godawful couch away.

And a few days ago, I realized that I am missing a magazine rack and a whole wardrobe box!! --and that's just the part I noticed! I'll be giving the movers a call tomorrow.

FYI, I used a company called Lightning Van Lines. Don't ever use them.

Part II: Let the Good Times Roll

I've been warned that the Toy Design program would be so intensive, that I'd have no life outside of school. It has actually been compared to medical school, if you can believe that. (Also, they are strict on attendance, and they don't tolerate tardiness. I panicked slightly at hearing this, because I'm still getting used to NY subways, and I got spoiled as a web designer, where I rarely had to show up at work before 10am.)

PS1 SaturdayLuckily, my wonderful New York friends (Dubbledubs & Linda, also recent Cali-transports,) wasted no time in getting me out of the house to enjoy some city entertainment, before FIT sucks my life away. I started off easy (as I was tired from the recent road trip), with seeing a couple movies. If you haven't seen Superbad, you really have to. Right away.

So anyway, for my first Saturday in New York, they planned a jam-packed belated-birthday celebration, which included:
  • Joining a gang of "Crasian"* California-NY transports for tasty hotdogs and overpriced Coke at a Dodgers-Mets game at Shea Stadium (Luckily tix were only $5)

  • Stopping in Queens for tequila shots, food, and dancing at PS1, a contemporary art center (and an extension of MoMA) -where they have enormous, jam-packed, crazy outdoor rave parties on Saturdays in the summer

  • Singing and lychee martinis with old and new friends at Karaoke One-Seven, by Union Square, where I had my first red-velvet cake--delicious!

  • Dancing the night away with a major cutie, at a ridiculously loud dance club in the meatpacking district (with the biggest disco ball I've ever seen) and meeting one of the guys from Thievery Corporation!?
*"Crazy Asians," as my friend Jeff likes to call us, fondly, not to be mistaken with those delicious Craisins

I had so much fun, I couldn't sleep that night. And this was all before classes even began!

Speaking of which, I should get to bed for my morning class in Anatomy and Figure Drawing. Stay tuned next time, for Adventures in Toy Design School!

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Blogger Whatchamacalit said...

Sounds like a blast! I can't wait to hear more of your NY adventures and visit NY again.

10:54 PM  
Blogger Jenny Silva said...

Holy smokes! I have always had a place in my heart for NY and reading your story makes me wonder why I'm not there. wow!!! Hopefully you can read some of my own adventures at and you can enjoy them too!

8:31 PM  

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