Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday in the Park with Misocrazy

The weather in New York was perfect today! Sunny, warm, with just a little breeze. And I was able to enjoy it in the name of Toy Design research and running errands.

After meeting my cousins and their little daughter for noodles in Chinatown, a block away from my place, we walked to the Columbus Park playground (bizarrely located across from several funeral Shops and one block from the Detention Center), where little Devon got really excited to get on the swings.

Then I went to check out Chelsea Waterside Park (as shown here, with its oddly phallic structures), to research my next homework assignment: designing an outdoor activity toy.

But before I got started on drawing my homework, I had to go shop for much-needed curtains (the windows are so bright in my room, that I can't get myself to sleep in past 8am) and a desk chair, but of course everywhere you go in New York, there are store windows full of cute and stylish items, beckoning you to come in and own them.

I passed a Brooklyn Industries boutique, and there was SO much good cuteness for Fall, I couldn't resist. I bought a dress, a jacket, and a sweater. I figure will need it for the upcoming cold weather!!

I may have to go back and get a bag and a coat later.

I did find some curtains later, plus I scored an $80 discount on my desk chair at The Container Store! It was the last display model of a discontinued chair, and I wanted a newer one, which they didn't have. Also, the sales clerk gave me the huge discount for being "pretty and for being so patient." Hah.

We'll see if the curtains are effective in the morning. I kind of doubt it. Darn. I guess I won't be late to class, but I might start nodding off at my desk again.

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