Friday, April 10, 2009

Un-springy break.

I stayed in my room all day, working on my storybook project, except to escape for my lunch break, upon which I found another Vietnamese sandwich shop super close to me! They also sell lotto tickets, cigarettes, and Vietnamese dvds and karaoke cds.

I went to school, to submit some of my storybook art for the senior show. They'll be blown up, extra large for display.

I worked some more on the book for the rest of the day, and emailed "Mr. Fantastic" some of my toy designs, since he had asked about them.

I worked at home in the morning, when my roommate pointed out that it had snowed outside. SNOW! In April. Really, New York?

Headed back to school in the afternoon to work some more, until after 9pm. When I left school, almost my whole class was still there, working! During spring break! Appalling, no? Meanwhile, my friends with and without jobs are all traveling to places like Columbia, Tokyo, Paris, New Zealand, and Switzerland. What is WRONG with this picture!?

So if you're thinking about going to Toy Design school here, consider whether you want to say goodbye to your vacations. Bad idea jeans!

Then I got an email response from Mr. Fantastic, who liked my toy designs. He asked if I was free Friday. But then I replied to him that another night would be better because my friend's birthday is that night.

Betsey Johnson shoes arrived in the mail from Zappos, and they fit! A bit tall, but super cute. This is what I do to compensate for having my spring vacation time stolen from me.

New York is bipolar. It was almost 70 degrees? The day after it snowed!

Went to school to work some more and printed out a rough draft of my book. My teachers helped me re-arrange the type to complement the artwork better. Again, I left school after 9pm when half my class was still toiling away.

Back at home, new clothes & new jewelry rack (to assist my exploding collection of earrings) arrived in the mail. They all fit too! Yay.

I took a break to watch the newest America's Next Top Model episode on youtube, to find that Natalie, the one from my hometown, P.V., is an enormous snob. Big surprise.

No word from Mr. Fantastic! Was it because I poked him in the nose by accident during the date? That was insanely awkward, but I thought we laughed that off! And he was the one who asked for a kiss at the end! Sheesh.

YAY Good Friday! I don't have to go to school today. Sheesh.
Still no word from Mr. Fantastic! More like Mr. Poop, now! (...well, unless he had a bad accident from his recent circus act and is at a hospital. That would be awful. But more likely he is just checkin' out the other ladies, maybe ones who aren't talking about moving to California.)

New York men are so fickle! Well anyway, a Bruin from East Village just messaged me, who sounds like he has more similar interests. Not that I even really have time for any of this, because I still have at least three other homework projects to work on this weekend, and taxes to file! Eek.

GAWD, make it stop!!

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Blogger the.nicole.harvey said...

I bet you've seen this already, but here's an Easter treat in case you haven't:

5:53 PM  
Anonymous Marmi said...

Wow, another person who says "Bad idea jeans"!

1:53 PM  

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