Wednesday, December 12, 2007

That elusive thing called "Sleep"

The germs that have been giving my classmates and my roommate colds might have finally caught up to me. Could it be all that lack of sleep?

So I took an Airborne and went to bed early at 8pm.

But for whatever reason, I naturally woke up at 2am. So I went to get another Airborne and a glass of water... and promptly spilled it in my bedroom, partly on my bed. And when I went to get more water to drink, I nearly tripped in my oversized pajamas.

By the way, I have a 5-page paper to write, and an oral presentation about Asperger's Syndrome to give in Psych class tomorrow. But I was supposed to "sleep in" until 5am and THEN start that paper.

As I finished making a mess of myself, I also found my roommate getting up for a glass of water and Airborne! She is also feeling sick, but she was woken by, uhm, loud night noises from the neighbor through her wall.

I guess that makes our rooms more equal? I have the corner window room, so I don't share walls with neighbors, but it's smaller than my roommate's room. She only recently discovered the walls were thin, after this very active neighbor only moved maybe a week ago. She says the neighbor and his, uh, "guest" usually go on for like, an HOUR, and then they even TALK afterwards. Ew.

Ok, trying that sleep thing one more time...


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