Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A Whole New World?

I had considered getting a tattoo several years ago, but I didn't think there was any design I'd like that much. But recently I saw one that I really liked! I'm thinking of getting it behind my ear. I think that's one of those handy tattoo spots that won't get too wrinkly when you get old. Also someday, maybe when I have grandkids, they can see how cool grandma is, every time they whisper a secret to me.

I told my classmate about the idea for the tattoo, because it seemed like something she'd like too (she already has a unicorn tattoo). And she loved the idea and wanted to get it done herself. Then she said, "Let's get friendship tattoos!" I think she was half-joking, but surprisingly, it appealed to me.

One thing that is dissuading me from it is that I have had never had anything done to my body –not even ear piercings or surgery. The most invasive thing I've had done is maybe a cavity filling or that stupid scar on my foot. I had thought that made me unusual for someone of my age... so if I get the tattoo, that little special thing would be gone.

But I wonder... if I get one, would that open up a whole new world of things for me to try? Like, would I finally get my ears pierced, so I'd finally be able to wear those hoop earrings or dangly ones I always wanted? Or maybe even consider a 2nd or 3rd tattoo?? Would I finally get lasik surgery? Would I start going to the gym? Would I want to go sky diving? Or smoke weed?

(Okay, let's not go crazy. I am not doing drugs or jumping out of a freaking plane.)

The other thing is, I wonder how'd my family would react. My parents are deceased, but I still have a really large, mostly conservative, extended family that I see every Christmas. My brothers would probably think I was just being wacky and maybe not care. But I think maybe the rest of the family might freak out slightly, because I don't think any of my cousins have tattoos, and also they perpetually see me as the baby of the family, even though I am over 30.

Huh. Maybe I do need to get a tattoo!

They probably already also see me as that wacky cousin who designs cool stuff and gets away with dressing like someone half her age. —Not that I really care all that much what they think. Besides, they might never see it, thanks to my luxuriously thick locks of long hair (thanks mom and dad!), which I never put up (unless I'm in all-nighter mode).

Maybe now I just have to decide if I can handle the pain. And maybe do a little exploration on the right color or design. I will for sure have a couple of stiff drinks before getting it done. —If I do it.

I think I will!


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Anonymous kp said...

Wow! Crazy! Are all these all-nighters affecting your old fogey judgment? Actually the last (and only time) I thought about getting a tattoo was when I was in college. And seeing as you're pretty much in college again, it seems strangely appropriate. It better not be a Hannah Montana tattoo. :)

12:15 AM  
Anonymous bk said...

Whatever it is, you've got to add the radiating windbars.

2:21 AM  
Blogger penny said...

I think the sleep deprivation is really driving you nutty. If you REALLY wanted a tatoo our HIPSTER town would have influenced you already. I have one. Do I regret it no but if I had a choice from what I know now I wouldn't get it. I think unmarked on skin or unpierced skin is also good too. My 2 pennies... ;)

10:28 AM  
Blogger about kt said...

seriously, if you get a tattoo, i will fly out to nyc and get a friendship tattoo with you!

do it!!!

the pain is nothing.

12:10 PM  

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