Friday, December 14, 2007

Five Things I've Learned Recently

1. Airborne is only semi-magical.

I nearly got through the whole semester without getting sick! –until this week.

And duh, having a cold made it impossible for me to pull off the weekly all-nighter. It was for my very last concept class, to finish my last homework assignment of the semester!

Luckily my teacher finally cut me some slack and let me go home to rest and turn in the homework later.

2. I shoulda just stayed in New York for the winter break.

I found out today, that I will have homework to do over my winter break. That means, I will have to carry my laptop, big crazy marker caddy, templates, french curves, and paper supplies with me to Chicago.

I better get a fucking awesome job when I graduate.

3. Radio City, here I come!

A classmate told me that our graduation will be at Radio City Music Hall! How wacky is that!? As if it won't already be wacky to graduate again, and tell people that I'm from the Class of '09!

4. There's a fraud in my class.

It has come to my attention, that one of my classmates has flagrantly ripped off almost every single "design" he's shown in class, based on existing kids' toys or collector toys.

It amazes me that the faculty has not noticed. But I just want to know why it's worth this guy's time to work his ass off on drawing these ripped-off designs. How will that ever work out when it's time to get a real job, when potential employers recognize the toys in his portfolio?

Almost everyone in my class knows about it now, but nobody wants to rat him out. But we suspect it will be a matter of time before the faculty catches on to his tricks.

5. KITT is back!

That's right, kids! NBC is bringing Knight Rider back! And they redesigned the car... into some kind of ugly rice-rockety Mustang:

On the upside, Will Arnett will be the voice of KITT! I just hope they keep that whooshing red light on the car. Otherwise the whole idea is unacceptable.

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