Saturday, June 06, 2009

Funemployed: Lookin' for fun & employment

Aaahhh too much to blog! Here's a quick update:

  • I graduated with a B.F.A. in Toy Design, magna cum laude!

  • I joined Twitter. Gasp!

  • Famed photographer, Annie Liebowitz spoke at graduation. ( I was probably one of maybe two people in my class who knew what she was talking about when she talked about photographing Carl Lewis and tagging along with Hunter S. Thompson on Rolling Stone assignments.)

  • I endured the worst hangover of my life. Will never drink like that again!

  • I finished my print portfolio, still working on the online one

  • I flew to Vegas to crash my friend's elopement and stepped in as bouquet arranger, wedding photographer & witness.

  • I treated myself to a Bellagio pedicure, art museum, gelato, and the Beatles' show, Love, then enjoyed the next day lounging at the amazing Monte Carlo pool (where they bizarrely played a part of R. Kelly's "In the Closet" and some sad woman accused me of stealing her innertube)

  • I flew to L.A. (during which a fratboy vomited at the end of my row) for a job interview that went well. Not sure they can wait for me to move there in the Fall, though.

  • I ate really well in L.A., like Korean Kogi tacos, sushi, ramen, cake, and buffet-style Fro-yo. (I need to take it easy with the eating going forward, but that may be really hard with all my travel plans.)

  • I returned to NYC (on the same flight as Minnie Driver and a child who threw up next to me) to greet my new roommate, who is set on enjoying NYC this summer with me.

  • I've been juggling future travel plans, job prep, NY social plans, possible moving plans, and shopping, and will continue to do so the rest of this summer

  • I'll be visiting Europe (Italy, Switzerland, then Spain), Chicago, and San Francisco later this summer.
It's all a bit overwhelming, in mostly a really good way. So the blogging may get real spotty. And yes, I am immensely happy that the school thing is over and that I'm back to living my life! Woo!

BTW if you know someone who wants to sublet my apartment in NY from June 22-July 12, let me know! Also if you know someone who wants to buy art supplies, Ikea furniture, toys, and clothes, I got a lot to sell.

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Blogger Miss Murasaki said...

"Funemployed" - LOVE IT! I'm unemployed rightnow and I'm kinda hating it, but your blog title just shed some light on the situation. Thanks!

2:08 AM  

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