Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh. Hello, there.

I'm back! Mostly because I'm avoiding the tedious task of packing for my move.

Oh yes, so much has happened, and it's been far too long since my past post, probably exacerbated by my posting updates on Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter. (I mean how many ways do I need to publicize what I'm up to, anyway?)

Annie Liebowitz went broke, major celebrities died. In Italy and Spain, I had a wonderfully relaxing trip lounging (and getting sunburnt) on Mediterranean beaches among half-naked locals (and wondered why my cousin and I were the only Asians for miles, until I realized that most Asian tourists don't like tans). I hiked until I nearly passed out at Lake Como. In Italy, I browsed endless images of the Virgin Mary and roamed among ancient ruins in the hot sun. In Chicago, I visited my toddler nephew who now improvises songs on his new guitar that is too big for him. In San Francisco, I frantically filmed my friends getting married and visited my friend who is bravely fighting breast cancer and taking care of her new stepfamily. I returned to NYC and saw some art and fashion and Mexican wrestling shows. I landed another job interview, and scored my first freelance project to kick off my new career. I baked burger cupcakes, I knitted toddler pants, I babysat my little cousin. I watched some free indie rock with Beyonce & Jay-Z (well, they stood about ten feet in front of us, surrounded by bodyguards) in Brooklyn. I shopped with Jason Bateman (well, we were at the same counter) at the Adidas Soho store. I listened to honkytonk music. I sang and danced. I ate and drank. And New York eventually convinced me to stay, at least a little while longer.

So here I am, surrounded in a fort of half-filled cardboard boxes. I'm moving to a slightly cheaper place, but still with surprisingly good space, by New York standards. I suppose I'm saving by not paying for a doorman (since I am fully capable of picking up my own packages and opening my own door). We took advantage of the recession and bargained the price down for a place I didn't even think was worth considering. Of course, sometimes I kick myself when I think of paying twice what I'd have to pay in sunny So-Cal for the same amount of space.

BUT I get to live with my wonderful roommate for one more year, and then we both get to say we lived in Tribeca AND Greenwich Village. And this only gives my Californian friends a reason to visit NY and a place to stay!

So I suspect I won't regret this (well until winter arrives; it's predicted to be the worst in several years). I wasn't getting any toy design job offers or seeing openings in L.A. or S.F. by the time I was back from my fabulous European Vacation (the same one where everyone probably assumed my cousin was my boyfriend or husband, but at least it kept any sleazy schmos away). But I did find a freelance gig out here (well in New Jersey), which is letting me primarily work from home anyway.

I confess, I ate a lot this summer. I mean, I have to eat well when I'm in Italy and Spain. They are known for their gusto for food. I walked a lot, but apparently not enough. Those jeans I used to wear are a bit snug. But with the freelance mode, I figure I'll be able to manage time better for workouts! I mean I have to, or I have to make it cool to have a baby bump without the baby. Or maybe have a baby to explain the bump. I guess either way works. I'm flexible that way.

I have also begun to appreciate babies a bit more because of things like this:

But I suppose I could just babysit my cousins' kids if I feel the need for this kind of amusement.

BTW does anyone want to learn the "Single Ladies" dance with my roommate and me? We're thinking about getting it ready for Halloween, since it is basically the new Thriller dance, but much cuter for the ladies.

I'm also hoping to finally get more into the dating game, although I have gotten very skeptical of men in general, based on my last few –who am I kidding, based on ALL my previous experiences with men. Catching up with "Mad Men" has not helped in this area.

But (perhaps foolishly) I remain hopeful and excited for the coming year. Mercury in retrograde, Recession, low men-to-women NY ratio: you all can SUCK IT! School is over for good, I've got work to do, and I'm taking my life back! Yee haw!

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Blogger letsugo said...

dang it! if i were in NY, i'd totally want to round out your trio for single ladies.

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