Saturday, December 15, 2007


Like I needed one more thing to worry about living in New York. This morning, I heard a loud "BOOM!" –so loud, I could feel it in my chest.

I looked out the window and couldn't tell what happened, except for some stunned pedestrians who were looking down the street.

Then I saw the emergency vehicles arrive. Then I noticed a firefighter remove a manhole cover from the street. I called 311 (the non-emergency New York line), and they didn't know what the explosion was about. So they connected me to the local precinct.

It turned out to just be a manhole cover that burst. He said it happens all the time, from pressure that builds up. And nobody was hurt or injured... this time.

All the time??? How is this okay? Also I don't know if I buy that pressure explanation.

There must be a better solution to those manhole covers! Someone could have died or been badly hurt if they were standing near that manhole cover!

Stay away from those manhole covers if you're walking around New York. Or be ready to run!

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