Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another Day in the Life

Haven't done one of these in awhile.

This is for all my ol' colleagues who once worked at Yahoo! Sorry I couldn't be there for the UED reunion. Hope you kids are doing great! If you're wondering what I'm up to, this is a sample day of my school-centered life that keeps me from seeing anyone outside of class until I graduate in May:

9:45am Wake up late, with stiff finger muscles from sanding plastic toy parts for several hours over the last few days for model-making class.

10:30 Sick of the dreary winter weather, I book a flight to L.A. for January.

11:30 Take the 1 subway uptown to class, for which I am about an hour late.

noon Glance over my 106% grade on test (yay for open book & extra credit on math tests at a trade-focused school!) and then listen to the bucktoothed but almost-cute teacher review how to calculate the distance of a star based on its parallax & how to calculate sizes of spirals as they grow. Pleased to hear him say he'll be bringing chocolate Dunkin' Donuts to our final exam.

1pm Go out to get lunch, pass by outdoor vendors with cute accessories on the way. FIT somehow arranges this on most Wednesdays during the school year. Fashion schools in NYC are neat!

1:30 Pick up painting supplies, like spraycan gloss coating, tiny paintbrushes, tape, and face mask at the art supply store.

2:00 Browse 20 different feathered headbands at the weekly vendors near school and finally pick a pretty brown one to buy.

2:30 Return to classroom, open up laptop, and revise color studies of my baby gorilla hard toy.

3:30 Pull hard toy project & supplies out of my locker and spread out them out all over desk. Play iPod on my new lego-speaker so my classmates have some holiday tunes to work to.

3:45 Sketch concepts for candy toy assignment.

4:00 Research online for candy-based toys. Sketch a few more concepts.

5:00 While my classmates are sanding and refining their hard toys, (toys that we should have started painting by now but haven't,) I talk to the hard toy teacher about colors. We agree on purple fur, beige skin pink hair, pink dress, orange flower, and brown eyes.

5:30 Refine Illustrator file of final color choice, help Lilo brainstorm how to execute a Sushi-chef cat who prepares sushi candy into a toy concept.

6:30 After all the sushi talk, we get hungry and order Japanese takeout with classmates for dinner. Agree to split some sushi and a Katsu-don with Lilo, was we are in the mood for the same kind of food 90% of the time.

7:00 Start trimming off rough edges of my baby Girlilla's plastic body with an exacto knife and sandpaper.

7:30 Eat takeout food in the hall, with classmates. Lilo and I agree that the Katsu-don is disappointingly dry.

8pm Review candy toy concepts with teacher. We agree on a train that mines gem-shaped candies from a candy mountain.

8:30 Load up "Pushing Daisies" to watch on my laptop, as I continue sanding and filling gaps with superglue and some toxic spackle-like material on the baby Girlilla.

9:30 Cut holes in the top the Girlilla's plastic head to insert hot pink hair and a resin-cast hibiscus flower, as Jee, the girl next to me, slowly fades into zombie mode from sleep deprivation.

10:30 Berate Jee to stop sanding unimportant details that nobody will look at. I finally steal a part of her toy and tell her to go home and sleep.

11pm Align and cut holes out of my Girlilla's remote control to make room for buttons.

11:30 Photograph progress of hard toy, clear off desk, and put hard toy & supplies back in lockers.

Take subway 1 downtown and walk home in pouring rain.

12:30 midnight snack, shower, late night tv, email, and review my schedule of tasks to complete final projects for the next week.

Tomorrow, I hope I start painting that Girlilla! If not, I will have all of Saturday to do it too. If I'm lucky, I'll have time to solder a circuit board, not that I really know how to do that yet.

Sunday's my only day off from class time, but that just means a whole day of work this time, since it's the finals crunch week. Wish me luck!

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